Revlon’s Proven Safety Methodology

Using Revlon’s high standards of safety plus some of the most advanced technology, our dedicated team of safety experts, which includes physicians, board certified toxicologists, biologists, chemists, environmental experts, regulatory experts, product engineers and supply chain experts, follows a four-part methodology to ensure that every Revlon product sold to our consumers is safe for its intended use.

  1. Ingredient Evaluation

    For each ingredient, our highly-trained, board certified toxicologists and physicians conduct a detailed review of all safety and scientific data about the ingredient that is available. If, following that review, our team determines that more information is required, Revlon will conduct its own clinical studies to ensure that its safety assessments are thorough and complete. Next, our safety team evaluates the type of product in which the ingredient will be used (for example, spray, liquid, cream, or powder), where consumers will actually use the product (for example, on the lips, eyes, face, hair or nails), and how much of the product consumers are likely to use. These steps result in a safety assessment that takes into account all relevant data about the ingredient and its intended use, resulting in optimal form, concentration and usage parameters to ensure the product will be safe as used by consumers.

  2. Materials Evaluation

    Safety testing, however, is only part of the equation. Having reliable materials suppliers that consistently deliver high quality raw materials and packaging materials is essential to ensuring that our consumers have access to the safe and effective products they deserve. Revlon only uses materials suppliers who continuously meet our high standards of excellence and routinely quality checks to ensure that those standards are maintained through advanced analytical chemistry.

    Raw Materials: Each supplier is screened by our supply chain and R&D teams and must meet or exceed Revlon’s specifications for raw material purity, consistency and high quality. As an additional protective measure, we evaluate each shipment of raw materials before we allow the shipment to be used in the manufacture of any Revlon product sold to consumers.

    Packaging Materials: Revlon’s supply chain team screens our packaging materials suppliers to ensure they meet or exceed our rigorous specifications for packaging strength, integrity, durability and compatibility with the product. And here too, our R&D team takes the additional step of testing packaging materials before allowing their use in the manufacture of Revlon products sold to consumers.

  3. Finished Product Testing

    In addition to subjecting our ingredients to these safety standards and testing, Revlon finished products undergo a battery of safety tests before we allow them to be sold to consumers. These tests include both laboratory tests and clinical tests conducted by our internal experts, as well as, outside physicians such as board certified dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Only those products that meet our rigorous safety testing are acceptable to be sold to Revlon consumers.

  4. Vigilance and Commitment to the Future

    As a leader in bringing world-class safety innovations to consumers, Revlon’s scientists, physicians, toxicologists and other experts are continually exploring the development of new and more sensitive laboratory and clinical testing procedures. If the latest scientific developments call an ingredient in our products into question, our team reviews the safety concern and determines an appropriate response, which may include re-evaluation of the safety of the ingredient using our safety standards and some of the most advanced technology possible. If our testing shows a legitimate safety concern based on how the ingredient is used in our products, we immediately work to eliminate the concern by reformulating the product, reducing the ingredient in its entirety or otherwise addressing the safety concern.

Rest assured, no matter how the scientific landscape changes in the future, Revlon’s commitment to safety remains constant.

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